Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Post =D

Ok, so, here I am. Starting a Blog. Again. lol. I started one a while back but didn't make it past 3 posts haha!. This time though, I AM going to stick to it, because I'm starting it as somewhere to display my digi scrapping layouts and my photoshop creations =D.
Just before Christmas last year we bought a great big shiny 27"inch iMac and I LOVE IT! I'd tuck it up in bed with me if I could, lol (not too sure hubby would be impressed though!) Then for Christmas hubby gave me Photoshop Elements, something I've wanted for AGES and now I finally have it =D Yay!
I love love love love taking photo's, especially of my gorgeous children and now I can play around with the pictures in Photoshop. I've been doing lots of fantasy style pictures and I've just discovered digi scrapping and I am addicted!! There are so many great freebies out there! But I will get to those a bit later =D
For now, here are 2 of my first attempts at creating fantasy pictures!

This first one is my lil man William when he was 3 weeks old :) I'm so proud of this pic, lol =D

This one is my pretty princess Charlotte :) I love this one so much too but the cutting out is a bit dodgy - this was before I knew about the magic extractor and I cut her out with the magnetic lasoo, lol.

I hope you like them, I have plenty more to put up, lol.

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