Friday, February 26, 2010

Newest layouts

These layouts I've got today are all made with kits from the lovely RebeccaB. The first kit I used is called Theabella's Tutu and I just love it! You can check it out on RebeccaB's Blog here and it is available to buy at Scrap Party DigiShop

Here are the 2 layouts I've made with it so far (I can see myself making many more, its so pretty!)

These photo's were taken at my husbands cousins wedding where our daughter Charlotte was a beautiful fairy flower girl :) She's with her cousin Sonny in the first layout, they were playing in the fountain while the rest of the bridal party were having their pics taken, lol. The second one is Charlotte during the ceremony - she kept asking if it was time to dance yet! See how pretty the kit is!?

The next layout I made with RebeccaB's Kit Buggledoo which I think is super cute (obvioulsy as I used it to decorate my blog, lol) I'm really happy with this one!

This is family tree of sorts featuring our two kidlets (top left and the bubby boy middle bottom =D) and our seven nieces and nephews! I think this is my favourite layout I've done so far - I might even get this one printed hehe.

The next one I made with Rebecca's Tweetledee kit:

I love the bright colours in this one =D

One last one hehe, this time I used Rebecca's Miss Poppy kit. It came out almost the same as the quickpage she did but I used the Alpha which I loved and the background is a little different :)

This is one of my fav photo's of Charlotte :)

So anyway... I hope you like all my layouts! I've definitely had fun creating them! And RebeccaB has kindly given me permission to use her kits to create some quickpages and cluster frames to give away on here which I'm really excited about! So hopefully I will get some done over the weekend, if my kiddies let me of course!! Maybe that will help me figure out how on earth to make my own kits hahaha!
Definitely check out RebeccaB's Blog for some awesome free kits, she also has some really great Collab kits together with Scrappy Bug and Kelly Jo's Scraps that I've been playing with =D



  1. Hey, check out the CT work you are doing for me already!!!! well done...its great....
    now all we have to do is get you some followers!!!

  2. haha my first comment! glad you like it =D I feel like a bit of a suck up, lol
    I'll get to work on the followers!

  3. Hi Shell
    I am loving your layouts you did with RebeccaB's stuff. And the flower with baby in it had me and my fried going awwwwww! for ages!! If you start putting up freebies the followers will come. Just takes a bit of time.

  4. hahaha! he's changed so much since then =D Glad you like the layouts too!
    Thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely get some freebies happening asap =D

  5. You are most welcome to use my kits too to put up free QPs or clusters.


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