Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mr Cutie Pants

Hi all :) Just popping in to say thanks for the overwhelming response to Timmy Tortise! Well, it's huge to me, probably not compared to the big guns though, lol. So anyway thank you, and thanks for joining me both here and on Facebook, now you'll be the first to grab my new kit when I release it either tomorrow or Friday =D

I also wanted to share this photo I took of my gorgeous boy William. It took many many shots to catch his new cheeky squinty eyed grin that he does when you call his name, it's just too cute!

Don't you just want to eat him up?? He's such a happy little man :)

Anyway, stay tuned for my new kit! I'll also have something new to show you from RebeccaB Designs soon too :)



  1. He is just Adorable!!!! I bet he has the best little belly laugh, too! Great picture!

  2. Thanks Deanna, I love this photo =)

  3. Such a little sweetheart!!!


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