Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I finally got a chance to do some layouts!

Yay, I have 2 new layouts to post! I've been so busy making kits I hadn't done any in ages but yesterday I got 2 done, woohoo! lol

The first one I made with Scrappy Bug's Little Boy Blue kit, which I've been dying to use since I downloaded it! You can get the kit on her old blog, it was the last one she posted before she started a new blog for her free kits called FREE2SCRAP. I'm in the middle of a layout with her new kit Violet Streak, it has some awesome papers in it!

So here is the Little Boy Blue layout:

Isn't my little moo cow cute!?

The second layout I've done is another one with RebeccaB's Theabella's Tutu kit. The photo's are from the day William was born, lol, not very ballet-y but there were some lovely blue things in there and I thought the mauve paper matched the colour of my gown and the colour of his fresh lil footsie!

Awwww, my completed family :) And yes, I had to use a star to cover up his business, lol. Charlotte kept uncovering him to look at it!!

Well, back to my layout now, and don't forget I'm working on my next 2 kits so keep checking back for them!


  1. Such gorgeous layouts Michelle.....
    cant wait to see your new kits!

    I have a link for you so you can download my newest kit and do some CT work for me, if you still want to....just send me an email so i know which email address to send it to, thanks

  2. oh and i have a new blinkie too, if you want to use it.....and Free2Scrap has one also...


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