Monday, March 1, 2010

William is 6 months today =D

My little man is 6 months old today, I can't believe how fast it has gone! I felt like I would be pregnant forever and suddenly he's 6 months!
I have a photo to put up, we had a pregnancy photoshoot booked for 4 weeks before William was due...and my water broke the day after we had them taken, lol. I'm so glad we had them done, I would have been devastated if I had missed out. I had really awful pregnancies and I wanted one positive memory of being pregnant and the photo's are it!
So here is my absolute favourite photo from the shoot, and then I added one of William's ultrasound photo's in PSE :

I love love love this photo :) definitely the best shot on the day.

Next I have a quick layout I did of most of the pregnancy shots (except for the topless ones, lol) (well, topless but you can't see anything =D)
I used Kelly-Jo's Scraps kit called Girls Night Out. lol, I think my last girls night out was 5 years ago! Seriously. How sad, haha. But I loved the grey's and silver's in the kit. Especially the nameplate and the alpha looks engraved into it :)

I'm not 100% happy with this one, I was a bit rushed and did most of it with William on my lap, lol but I think its ok.

Oh and the photo's were done by the lovely Jas at JasArt Photographic Art

Now...I'm going to post my pregnancy story with Charlotte here. Plese feel free to skip it, lol, its LONG and pretty gross hahaha! I wrote this down in my other failed blog I had about 18 months ago, lol but I don't want it to get lost so I'm going to put it in here :)

If you want the short version - I had Hyperemesis (vomiting 24/7 for 9 months), Gestational Diabetes and was very depresses and yuck the whole time!!

So here it is: (Remember, if you're going to read it, it has a lot of vomiting in it!)
"Ok, so I thought I would tell the story of my pregnancy on here, just so I have a record of it somewhere. I keep meaning to write about it in the pregnancy journal I started and was too sick to finish but I just can't be bothered!

I'll try and keep it short. I had Hyperemesis while I was pg, which basically means severe morning sickness 24/7 for the whole 9 months. Although, it wasn't like any other ms I'd ever heard about. At 5 weeks I was queasy, 6 weeks I took my first sick day and by 9 weeks I had had my first visit to the emergency room.

I could not stop vomiting. I couldn't keep anything down - not that I felt like eating anything in the first place. I went to the ER and was put on a drip so I at least had some fluid in me. I spent the night in emergency and the next morning they weren't happy enough to let me go home so I was admitted to a ward and stayed one more night. They gave me a script for maxalon, which I was already taking and insisted it would work, eventually. It didn't. I was back in emergency 2 weeks later, back on a drip. I was a mess. I hadn't showered in god knows how long, my hair was a giant rats nest and I stank!

This time the Dr gave me a script for Zofran Ondansatron wafers which I had to dissolve on my tongue. These helped but man were they expensive! $60 for 4 wafers. I had to tear them in half and just have half a day, unless I was in really bad shape then I'd have the other half at night.

Everything made me want to throw up. Weird stuff. Like thinking of our Fiji holiday (???) or turning my head to the left, or the sound of the door knob turning. I couldn't get out of bed, except to vomit. My mum would come over and try and cheer me up and get me out of bed. She'd say 'Do you think you might like to try a shower today?' and I'd stumble into the ensuite 3 steps away and vomit. I'd peel off my clothes and vomit. I'd get in the shower and vomit. The feel of the shower spray and the heat made me feel worse. Meanwhile, mum was quickly stripping the stinky sheets from the bed, replacing them with clean ones. I'd struggle into one of MK's tshirts and crawl back into bed, my hair still wet from the shower, the smell of my freshly shampooed hair making me gag.I could only lay on my right hand side. It would ache from laying so long but I couldn't move. I ended up with a rash on that leg from sliding in and out of bed to vomit so often.

I tried to get some food in me but it wouldn't stay down. I was just having orange powerade and orange sunny boys at one stage. They'd come straight back up but at least the taste wasn't so bad! I tried yoghurt - big mistake, and watermelon; have you ever thrown up watermelon?? Its so gritty.

I just layed in bed all day drifting in and out of sleep. I knew I had to keep my fluids up but couldnt manage the trip downstairs to get anything. MK used to leave half a dozen glasses on the bedside table, some with water, some just full of ice cubes, so that later in the day I would have cold water still. Even though water felt like acid when swallowed.

I couldn't even change the chanel on the tv. We wheeled the spare one into our bedroom but it could only play whatever chanel was on the downstairs tv. Normally Ch 7. MK offered to program in a bunch of shows and leave it on Foxtel but it was too much to deal with. I used to have to lay through an hour of infomercials everyday. Not fun. I still feel a wave of nausea when I see certain shows I watched during that time. Then I went through a phase where I could only watch Dante's Peak, Twister or Jurassic Park. I had them all on video so MK could just pop one in and I could just rewind it all day. But it had to be before the credits started rolling, because they made me vomit. I couldn't look at any sort of writing, especially on my phone. It was switched off for months. I guess those were my 'comfort' movies.

I vomited so often, I guess it was inevitable that I would start vomiting blood. The first time it happened, I completely freaked out. It wasn't just a few spots, it was a great big gush, like someone had poured a can of red paint in the toilet. In my foggy, pregnant brain I thought that I had somehow thrown the baby up. Impossible, especially since I was about 5 months along then, but I was out of it. I screamed for MK to come. I couldn't breathe properly. He was so calm. He just sat on the floor behind me, with his arms and legs around me and told me to breath with him, match his breaths. I remember having a white knuckle grip on his slippers, until I eventually calmed down. He said 'I'm just going to flush this away, so you don't have to look at it, and we'll go for a drive to the hospital.' I didn't want to go. I made him go and get the phone so I could ring my Dad. He told me to calm down, go and lie down and if it happened again then go to the hospital. He said I'd probably just torn my throat from all the vomiting. I got back in bed and made it the whole way through Jurassic Park before I had to be sick again. More blood, so off to the hospital we went. We went to Emergency and I went into the triage nurse straight away. He said it was more than likely my throat was torn but he would like me to be seen anyway. 3 hours later we were still in the waiting area. I was so exhausted and my bum was really sore from the hard plastic chair! MK went to the desk and asked how much longer it would be. They didn't know, I kept getting bumped down the list for more urgent cases. We decided just to go home. If they weren't concerned enough to see me then it musn't be that bad. They said they would rather I stayed and waited but I had had enough. I took an extra wafer when I got home to make sure I would have a break from vomiting to give my throat time to heal. It did happen again through the rest of my pregnancy, but not as bad as that first time.

Hmmm I said I was going to keep this short...... maybe I'll leave it at that for now....."

See? Gross right?? lol.
So next time I will hopefully have a freebie to post =D
And no more gross stories!!


  1. That was a great story. Sorry you had to go through that. I can't believe you got prego again. Take care.

  2. Thanks for reading it :) I can't believe I got pregnant again either, lol.


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